Summer Camp Series

Take the next step in improving your game by attending our Next Chapter Hoops Summer Camp Series. Athletes will receive specific skill training. As the camps all tie in together, it would be most beneficial for players to participate in all camps, but should an athlete only want to improve in specific area of their game, the flexibility of our programs allows that. At Next Chapter Hoops we focus on fundamentals, attention to detail and high intensity reps which is why all camps will be maxed out at 20 athletes.

Who will you work with?
Our Pro Skills Coach, Vlad Moldoveanu is a professional basketball player (8 years and counting), he is a 2007 High School McDonald’s All American Nominee, 2008 & 2009 NCAA 1st round participant, 2010 & 2011 Patriot League 1st Team, 2011 College All Star Game participant, Estonian League MVP, Euroleague participant, Champion of Estonia, Poland, Romania.

Ball Handling
One clinic of intense ball handling drills that focus solely on improving your ball handling so that you are comfortable dribbling the ball in any situation on the floor. From ball security to impeccable footwork, this camp will help you improve your ball handling but with also a long list of drills you can do to individually keep working on improving your dribbling.

Shooting is a great skill to have and one that everyone wants to be great at. Sometimes athletes desire to be so good (and quick) at shooting that they start skipping steps. That is why we are here! To teach shooting fundamentals from A to Z. We want you to complete our camp with a correct form and plenty of shooting workouts to do in your spare time at home.

Scoring the ball is not just shooting deep 3s after a bunch of dribble moves. At our scoring camp we focus on teaching you off ball movements that will allow you to create space and get open. We will teach you 1 on 1 isolation moves from the perimeter and also mid and low post moves. We will talk about being a fundamentally sound scorer, a balanced one, and the importantly, of being able to attack from multiple directions. You will complete this camp with a full arsenal of moves in your repertoire and a long list of drills to keep ironing out the details of all the scoring moves we touched on at camp.

Complete Player
The Complete Player program is part of a lost art in today’s basketball game when everyone just wants to be a specialist in some aspect of basketball. This camp will teach you important concepts in basketball such as 1 on 1 defense and offense, help side, moving without the ball, passing, ball handling, shooting and how to read different situations the game gives you. We will go over all situations with examples and also show video material of high level players doing things the right way.